Strawberry Hill Music and Fun Day
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Strawberry Hill Music & Fun Day

The Music and Fun Day is in its tenth year at Strawberry Hill House. For four years Twickenham Alive successfully organised and improved the event originally supporting the RFU as organisers in 2012 and 2013.

Following the 2013 Music Day the RFU decided to withdraw from all organisation of the event, but wished to continue sponsorship. The RFU community liaison officer handed on the baton of the Music and Fun Day to Twickenham Alive saying that only Twickenham Alive would be able to run the event. Twickenham Alive made up the shortfall in the enormous cost of putting on the event and David at Tenant Finder became the band sponsor. The 2014 Twickenham Alive Music and Fun Day was a great success and the Director of Strawberry Hill House said “it was great to see more families on site with all the impact that has on the appearance of the event and the enjoyable nature of the day”.

Once again in 2015 the Twickenham Alive Music and Fun Day was an enjoyable day raising a substantial amount of money for the maintenance of Strawberry Hill House, this time over £8,000 went to the House even though there was some rain on the day. To maximise funds for the House Twickenham Alive did not charge for the event and David at Tenant Finder also provided his services free of charge.

So after organising the event for the RFU for two years and stepping in to save the event in 2014 and 2015, raising tens of thousands of pounds for Strawberry Hill House and improving the event, Twickenham Alive will now be concentrating on the centre of Twickenham making Twickenham Riverside the place to be with Stand Up Paddleboarding, Dragon Boat Racing, the Film Festival and all the things that make Twickenham special, including more live music.

Watch this space!

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